Learning to Revise – CPD session

On Monday 8th January, we had two external speakers come in to the school from the Redhill Teaching Alliance to deliver a session to the teaching staff on embedding strategies into lessons that promote good recall and memory.

The session highlighted different techniques we can use with students whilst supporting them with their revision before their GCSE or A Level exams and provided practical suggestions to inspire us.

The speakers discussed the effective revision cycle which was made up of:Revision wheel

Make – transfer the skills, knowledge and understanding you need for your exams into a revision resource that is easy to use
Memorise – dedicate explicit time to actively commit this information to memory
Practice – revision needs to involve doing something. Do as many practise questions as you can (ideally exam questions)
Test – regularly test yourself
Review – reflect on your performance in tests to help you identify the areas that you still need to work on

We were then talked through different strategies for the different elements of the revision wheel which included the use of flashcards, revision clocks, text to pictures, graphic organisers, turnover cards, mind maps and Roman rooms.

These strategies will be very useful in the months to come and we would like to thank our guest speakers for delivering this session to us.

Assistant Head Teacher