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Pintsize “LUVU2”

On Thursday 30th November, Year 8 were off their current academic time-table for half a day, to observe a theatre production, followed by an interactive workshop on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

LUVU2’ explores why young people should, and how they might, make positive interventions to protect themselves and their peers/friends from the risk of internet and real life child sexual exploitation; its aim is to encourage the development of coping and avoidance strategies in relation to real and perceived risk, as well highlighting pathways to advice and support.

The project looked at and raises awareness of the following issues relating to young people, internet safety and CSE with the intention that, by the end of the performance and workshop, young people will have an increased knowledge and understanding of:

* What might constitute an unhealthy relationship? This will include an emphasis on understanding what consent to sex means, including consent within the context of the law. This will also reference the importance of only having sex when feeling ready to do so, what constitutes unwanted sex, the right to say ‘no’ to sex or unwanted attention and how best to avoid the risk of emotional or physical harm in relation to these issues.

* What might constitute sexual exploitation? This will include references to and discussion around virtual and real world exploitation.

* How CSE happens and how easily it can happen to any young person. This will include reference to and particular emphasis on, the role and tactics of the perpetrator/groomer

* Who should or might take responsibility around addressing issues relating to CSE. In addition to highlighting pathways to support agencies, the project will also encourage young people to look out for their friends and to access support services outside the home environment if they are worried about them.

* What to do if a young person is approached in an inappropriate way – who to tell and how to safely seek help.

* How CSE is everybody’s responsibility and how professionals such as teachers and youth workers might take measures to keep young people safe.

Mike Tomlinson
Head of Citizenship

Differentiated outcomes

Using the grid, pupils have ownership on selecting what their logo design will have in it and what it will look like. Different choices are deliberately more or less difficult than others. If a pupil finishes too quickly then they are guided to choose more difficult options on the next design. This is a great way of giving pupil choice so they feel empowered and also a great way to differentiate and demonstrate progress over time as they will develop a few versions.ABee blog entry

Adam Bee
Head of Design and Technology